Friday, July 13, 2007

How to Tagging in My Blog Log?

This A Blog About Money Online community, really impress me of how it attract a lots of people to join. Currently there are 2807 of My Blog Log members already join this community. How it become a magnet among other hundreds of blog promotion blogs? I try to remember how I found this community at the first place. It is his large tag word cloud, that's it!

How his tag get so big among other other's is still a question. My guess the author Alex Bamo really know how to play with tag. The tag itself "A BLoG ABoUT MoNEY oNLINE" is alluring, and straight-to-the-point for anyone because who don't want to make money online?. The words as well in mixed of messy big and small letters.

This community as well got 50 tags. Wosh!

With these tags, the community get even wider exposure than others, and become more popular. I already implement these technique to my Cerekarama and Tested Blog Marketing Community (will update the outcome of this effort on this post).

Thursday, July 12, 2007

List of 23 Online Marketing , Money Making and SEO Blogs To Help Your Making Money On The Internet

As I mentioned in previous post, one method of blog marketing that I will execute is by commenting on other blogger's blog. Except this method might bring my blog some traffic, I can gain useful knowledge and learn how to built a successful blog, and getting some insight of other blogs (i term of design etc). Below is the comprehensive list of blogs related to online marketing, search engine optimization (SEO), blog marketing, money making and other blogs which relevance to Tested Blog Marketing.

Blog Marketing and Promotion

1.) : Probably the most famous blog about for blog marketing. Darren Rowse, the writer himself earn six figures income online, and the blog is packed with lots of information on blog design and promotion, affiliate programs, seo tips, advertising tips and adsense tips.

2.) Entrepreneur's Journey : A blog about entrepreneurship, making money and blog promotion.

3.) DoshDosh : One of my favorite blog. Congratulation to Maki for great blog design and his effort in building this wonderful blog, which provides hell lots of information with detailed article on almost every post. Some areas covered by this blog including web traffic building tips, wordpress themes and plugins, money making tips and online entrepreneurship.

4.) Blogtrepreneur : Adnan, who is still a high school student in UK write this blog which focused lots in blogging, entrepreneurship, making money, internet and personal development.

5.) BloggingTips : From someone who self-employed and work from home, Kevin Muldoon, this blog which written in a friendly manner and I found it as a great source of blogging information. There is one good post on blogroll and no follow tag which I suggest you to read.

6.) EntrepreneurCube

7.) Better For Business

8.) Bob Schmuck

9.) Pro Money

10.) DotMySpot

Search Engine Optimization (SEO)

Search Engine Weblog

SE Optomise


Graywolf's SEO Blog

Top Rank Blog

SEO Book

SEO Black Hat

Jim Boykin


SEO By The Sea

Money Making


EZ Online Money

My Money Blog

Since Tested Blog Marketing is relevant to mostly any type of blogs, so I randomly commenting on other blogs that I stumble upon in MyBlogLog and searching activities in Google and blogs directory.

Tuesday, July 10, 2007

My First 3 Methods Of Blog Marketing

Welcome! welcome to my simple blog on tested and proven online marketing. My aim is to prove to you, webmasters and bloggers, which method of online marketing is the one which bring my blog /s traffic and thus making me more money (of couurse, hehe). Below are 3 methods which I am going to start first:

1.) Write comments on people's blog. This method is done by lot of bloggers. But it is worth the effort?

2.) As suggested by some blogger like Kumiko : Join My Blog Log. How by become member of this blog can bring traffic to your blog? The idea is, to use original, one-of-a-kind avatar which standout from the rest. Or avatar with the name of your blog. Why not using actual profile picture of real person? Because everybody did the same. Your avatar will get sink in avatar of faces, so unique (or might be "loud") pic might attract people to actually click on it, or if you have a pretty or handsome face, that would be fine if you use your pic. People have tendency to love good looking person too! Just look at your favorite Hollywood celebs...

Double as a social networking site, what I will do is to make sure other member of MyBlogLog know that I am exist. What I did is by adding myself to other member's list. This can be done simply by navigating someone's MyBlogLog profile and click the "Join Community" button. The site allows you to join 15 communities a day.

3.) Using forums related to online marketing, blogging etc.

By using data which I get from, I could provide information on how people access my blog, from where, which page attract people most.... The poll on the top left side could also give me some raw info on how people come to Tested Marketing For Blogs blog. Please vote, thanks!