Tuesday, July 10, 2007

My First 3 Methods Of Blog Marketing

Welcome! welcome to my simple blog on tested and proven online marketing. My aim is to prove to you, webmasters and bloggers, which method of online marketing is the one which bring my blog /s traffic and thus making me more money (of couurse, hehe). Below are 3 methods which I am going to start first:

1.) Write comments on people's blog. This method is done by lot of bloggers. But it is worth the effort?

2.) As suggested by some blogger like Kumiko : Join My Blog Log. How by become member of this blog can bring traffic to your blog? The idea is, to use original, one-of-a-kind avatar which standout from the rest. Or avatar with the name of your blog. Why not using actual profile picture of real person? Because everybody did the same. Your avatar will get sink in avatar of faces, so unique (or might be "loud") pic might attract people to actually click on it, or if you have a pretty or handsome face, that would be fine if you use your pic. People have tendency to love good looking person too! Just look at your favorite Hollywood celebs...

Double as a social networking site, what I will do is to make sure other member of MyBlogLog know that I am exist. What I did is by adding myself to other member's list. This can be done simply by navigating someone's MyBlogLog profile and click the "Join Community" button. The site allows you to join 15 communities a day.

3.) Using forums related to online marketing, blogging etc.

By using data which I get from Sitemeter.com, I could provide information on how people access my blog, from where, which page attract people most.... The poll on the top left side could also give me some raw info on how people come to Tested Marketing For Blogs blog. Please vote, thanks!

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